Clorox Commercial Solutions®
Javex® 12 Bleach by Clorox

Clorox Commercial Solutions® Javex® 12 Bleach by Clorox has a variety of industrial applications such as controlling bacteria and algae in water systems and hard surface sanitization.

Product shot of Javex 12 bleach

Use as directed.

Case UPC:
55000 01193
3/5L count
18.9 Kg

Quick Facts

  • For Industrial, Institutional, Swimming Pool use and Food Plant use
  • PCP Registered
  • CFIA Accepted
  • 10.8% (w/w) sodium hypoclorite - ready to use - no premixing required.
  • Contains no phosphorus
  • Safe for sewage and septic systems
  • NSF 60 certified

Precautions During Use

KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN. Dangerous gas formed when mixed with acid. Do not mix with any other chemical. Do not re-enter treated area until two hours after spray or fogging application. Wear goggles or a face shield, chemical-resistant gloves, long pants, a long sleeved shirt, shoes and socks when handling this product. Avoid contact with skin and eyes. Harmful if swallowed. Keep container closed and store in a cool location. Rinse container thoroughly before discarding. Do not re-use.